Pikes Peak 2008 Report

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Pikes Peak Ascent 2008

Two race reports from mountain running blog. One on the PP Ascent:

…A major winter cold front moved into Colorado the day before, and temperatures plummeted under a steady rain. It was going to be cold up there “¦ at 14,115″², MUCH colder up there! But Matt Carpenter told me Race Management has a saying: “Snow, go; lightening no!”…

and the other one on the marathon:

…The Pikes Peak Marathon was run in fairly good conditions this mornings “¦ “The weather was 10X better”, said George Zack, after completing an excellent Double. Temp was 24d on top at the start, prompting an odd look as the runners headed up Ruxton Avenue, with some people wearing full Gore-Tex outfits, others carrying packs, and others in singlets and shorts. …

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