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October 14, 2008 · Written by · Filed Under Site News 

Here’s the short version: Trailrunningsoul will take a 2/3 months break
For those who have time, here’s the long story:
As many of you know, TRS is a site maintained only by me on my spare “and sometimes work” time. So that means that if I take a break, the site takes a break with me!

I’m not someone who likes to talk about himself, but I guess some personal details need to be explained here. I’ve been living in Chicago for a couple of years now but it’s time to move on (right in time to sneak away from the winter!). I’m originally from near Barcelona, Spain and moved to Chicago for work reasons. But software programming seems not to be as appealing as it used to be. So I finally decided to turn my life (and probably my professional career) into something different. What? I don’t know exactly. I’ve got many things in my mind, but no become-rich-and-happy-in-ten-days idea. So to start with, I have quit my job (though I will keep some professional relationship with my current company) and I’m moving back to Spain.

The outdoors have always been in the back of my mind and I have always enjoyed hiking, running, biking and any kind of outdoor activity you can think of. So, although my short term professional future is unclear, I know that I want to do something that gets me out of the office and connects to my long time ignored outdoor side. We’ll see how it goes.

Before moving back home I’ll be taking a couple of months off. I realized that’s a situation that may not happen in a while again and so I decided to go on a long, relaxed trip. It took no effort to convince my wife and so we decided to travel California first, and then Mexico before flying back to Spain.

So although I will have Internet connection during most of the trip, I don’t want to feel like I have to write something every day. This is just something I do for fun and I’m sure no one will die if they don’t get the daily dose of information. And so from this week until the end of December, the posting frequency will drop to nearly nothing. I may still write something from time to time, but don’t expect too many updates during that time.

But don’t unsubscribe or forget about TRS. Not yet! I have a ton of improvements and new features that I haven’t put in place just because I knew this break was coming. These are some things you can expect for early next year:

– Website re-design, though I’m not sure if that will be a slight make over or a more serious re-structure
– Moving the site to a more reliable and faster host provider (which completely sucks lately)
– New updated calendar for 2009
– Improved Deals rss feed, with more sources and filtering the offers to make them more trail running related (Deals will be stopped for now, to make sure nothing goes crazy while I’m out)
– More news on the usual topics from Europe and around the world
– And some more surprises to come on early 2009

So, apologies for the low posting for the last few weeks and keep checking TRS because I’m planning to work hard on it and it will only get better next year!

See you out there!

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