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The Best Running Hydration Packs for Women for 2021

Hydration is an important part of our everyday lives, especially when we’re active. However, when it comes to vigorous activities, it’s hard to stop and take a sip from a water bottle.

Activities such as hiking, climbing, and swimming all elevate the heart rate and cause us to sweat. A hydration pack can help us get our water while keeping our hands free. In this article, we will be introducing you to the best hydration pack for women in 2020.

Best Running Hydration Pack for Women Reviews

1. CamelBak Women’s Charm Hydration Pack

CamelBak Women's Charm Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack, Deep Purple/Graphite, 1.5 L/50 oz

The CamelBak, one of the top minimalist hydration packs on the market, literally works like a charm. It features an upgraded design that’s been tailored to fit a women’s physique. If you’re looking for a lightweight method to stay hydrated on your next hike, climb, or run, this hydration pack will be an excellent pick.

Easy to Drink

The CamelBak makes it easier to drink while you’re on the move by allowing up to 20% more water to release from the valve at once. Just turn the lever on, and the water will begin to pump into the tube. This enables you to leave the tube in your mouth while you’re running and control it via the on-and-off switch.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design comes with a handle that is easy to use and makes drinking water less of a hassle without your hands. The pack itself is relatively easy to fill because it comes with a structural water bag that isn’t flimsy and won’t fold over on itself.


Ventilation can be a big problem when you’re physically active. What makes this hydration pack better than others is the fact that it’s made from a thin and lightweight material. The extra mesh keeps your sweat from piling up on the bag and allows air circulation to flow between your body and the pack.

Reflective Accents

Another common problem with bags, in general, is that they don’t offer any protection features. If you’re active in low-lit conditions, it may be hard for cars to see you. The reflective accents on the hydration pack enable you to stay safe at all times and let people know where you are on the road.

Adjustable Straps

Lastly, the adjustable straps enable you to adjust the pack to fit comfortably. The shoulders are broad on the pack but also fit well.

They are designed for a women’s build, which is why they may be petite for some. However, the torso straps can be adjusted and rest just above the upper ribs.


Safety features

Adjustable fit

Well ventilated

Ergonomic design


The valve may be difficult to turn on and off at first.

CamelBak Women's Charm Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack, Deep Purple/Graphite, 1.5 L/50 oz
  • Crux delivers 20% more water per sip, with an ergonomic handle for easy refilling and an on/off lever to prevent leaks.
  • Breathable air mesh back panel for a lightweight, comfortable fit
  • Reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments
  • Women's-specific design features a shorter back panel and an S-curved harness for a closer fit
  • Lightweight, ventilated mesh harness

2. TRIWONDER Hydration Pack Backpack 5.5L

TRIWONDER Hydration Pack Backpack 5.5L Outdoors Mochilas Trail Marathoner Running Race Hydration Vest (Rose Red - Only Vest)

The Triwonder 5.5L can be used in intensive applications because of its sturdy build. To ensure that it stays intact, it’s designed with a mesh fabric that ventilates but also repels water.

For added convenience, the pack comes with multiple pockets which you can use to carry your cell phone, keys, and wallet. Lastly, the lightweight build and the adjustable straps make it so that this bag becomes one of the best on the market.


The fabric on the backpack is made from a mesh material that is designed to allow airflow. If you’re climbing, hiking, or backpacking, you’ll need the extra ventilation to keep you cool. There’s nothing worse than feeling stuffy and sweaty while you’re climbing since the thin fabric is designed for optimal airflow.

Adjustable Fit

A tight fit is essential since you don’t want the pack slipping off your shoulders or flying off your back. To keep the pack secure, there are straps that attach around your torso. These straps are adjustable and can be changed width-wise. The shoulder straps can’t be adjusted, but they are long enough for most female physiques.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design ensures that the pack doesn’t weigh you down. Some activities require that you rely on balance, and a pack that’s uneven or doesn’t distribute weight evenly can cause you to injure yourself. This pack features sturdy shoulder straps that can help keep the weight evenly distributed. As you drink the water, the pack will stay the same on each side.

Multiple Pockets

One feature that other hydration packs lack is adequate pockets or space to store the essentials. When you’re on the run, you want to reduce the number of items you’re carrying. By including extra storage pockets in the pack, you can cut down on one extra bag and keep everything stored neatly in one place.


Well ventilated

Lightweight design

Extra storage pockets

Multiple applications

Adjustable straps


Doesn’t come with a water container

TRIWONDER Hydration Pack Backpack 5.5L Outdoors Mochilas Trail Marathoner Running Race Hydration Vest (Rose Red - Only Vest)
  • ✅ BREATHABLE + ADJUSTABLE -- Soft and lightweight mesh on back and shoulder straps maximize breathability. The race vest with slide-adjustable sternum straps enhance fit and reduces bounce while running
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT -- The hydration pack with shorter length delivers a close, comfortable and chafe-free fit. Reflectivity on the front and back enhance your visibility. Ultra running vest provides you with the max support and min burden
  • ✅ SUPER POCKET -- You can carry everything you need with the water backpack. Super pocket design that your water bottles, phone, keys, foods can easily stored in the front pack pockets, and bladder or other items can be held in the back one
  • ✅ EXTENSIVE APPLICATIONS -- Our waterproof and sturdy running water vest aims to accompany your trip of Running, Marathon, Jogging, Hiking, Climbing, Cycling, Walking, Backpacking, etc. TRIWONDER 5.5L hydration backpack for men, women and kids

3. Osprey Packs Dyna 1.5 Women’s Hydration Vest

Osprey Dyna 1.5 Women's Running Hydration Vest, Reef Teal , Small/Medium

The Osprey 2.5L is a new model of their cycling hydration pack line which is perfectly compact for long- or short-distance travel. It’s made from a foam fabric which is designed to keep you cool while also evenly distributing weight. Pair this with its extra storage space and front pocket, and you have the ultimate to-go hydration pack.

Adjustable Straps

To help stabilize the unit and make the pack more comfortable, they have added compression straps. These compression straps can be adjusted vertically, which enclose the pack to your body. This helps prevent any movement while you’re on the go.

Blinker Attachment

Safety is always a big concern when it comes to jogging, running, or walking on the side of the road. It’s also crucial in low-lit conditions such as evening or dusk. Attached to the bag is a blinker which is highly visible even in pure darkness. This blinker will help keep people indicated of your location, which can prevent an accident.

Locking Mechanism

Attached to the side of the bag is an elastic strap which can be used to lock a helmet or extra pair of shoes. This helps cut down on the number of bags you need to carry and can help save space. The locking mechanism is quite strong, as it features an elastic band which is coated again with stitched fabric.

Extra Storage Pockets

The Osprey also includes three interior slip pockets and four exterior pockets. The inner storage pockets are larger and can be used to store bottles, snacks, and gear. The smaller pockets located on the outside of the hydration pack can be used to store grab and go items such as your keys or phone.

Staying hydrated can never be more natural than having a hydration pack. We’d have to say that the best fitting hydration pack would have to be the Osprey Verve 9 Hydration Pack.

Overall, it features a large 2.5L capacity and is perfectly compact. All other features include adjustable straps, blinkers, a locking mechanism for your helmet, and extra storage pockets.

While other brands may have these features, this one tends to have the most positive reviews and durable features. There’s plenty of space for carrying any extra gear, so you can use this pack for more than just biking or a quick run. We’d say that it’s’ the best hydration pack for women.


Extra stabilization

Safety features

Multiple pockets

Variety of colors


A touch pricey

Osprey Dyna 1.5 Women's Running Hydration Vest, Reef Teal , Small/Medium
  • Zippered reservoir sleeve with included Hydraulics LT 1.5 liter reservoir by Hydrapak with QuickConnect and sternum magnet included
  • Vertical zippered harness slash pocket with whistle zipper pull and trekking pole attachment
  • Dual lower stretch mesh food supplement harness pockets
  • Dual extra-large stretch mesh soft flask food harness pockets
  • Accessible dual lower side panel zippered stretch mesh pocket

4. High Sierra Women’s Propel 70 Hydration Pack

High Sierra Propel Hydration Pack, Boysenberry/Ash, 2-Liter

The High Sierra is a 2L hydration backpack designed for outdoor use. This pack features a wide range of styles and colors which can perfectly complement your aesthetic.

The pack itself features a durable build made from thick materials, ensuring that it can stand up to intensive activities. On top of all of this, the product itself is affordable and comes with extra storage pockets.

Mesh Sport Strap

A unique feature that other hydration packs don’t offer is the installation of a mesh flap. This flap is designed to carry your helmet and keep it protected from the outside environment. Unlike other bags, it features a durable and thick mesh that repels water, dirt, and other particles.

Mesh Paneling

To help prevent you from overheating and keep airflow circulating, the material is designed with a mesh paneling that’s spread throughout the pack. This ventilation can help keep your back cool and dry while you’re doing your activities, as well as prevents the buildup of sweat.

Front Loaded Compartments

The front compartment features a large pocket which can be used to hold gear. This is perfect for those who need extra space for packing clothes, accessories, or snacks. The large compartment guarantees that you won’t run out of space, but it limits the dimensions to keep the pack compact.

Insulated Tube Cover

An insulated tube cover is located at the end of the drinking valve. This cover helps prevent the water from slipping out. As a second benefit, the valve cover functions to keep the water isolated and prevents heating up and freezing.

Reflective LED Blinker

A reflective security loop holds a LED blinker to help signal drivers of your location. It can be hard to see other types of reflective wear in the dark that is why the LED blinker is so useful. What is better is that it can be seen from a long distance and is very noticeable.


Extra storage compartments

Regulates water temperature

Excellent ventilation

Can hold other gear, including helmet


Ending valve may leak over time

5. Nathan Women’s Hydration Pack/Running Vest

Nathan Women’s Hydration Pack/Running Vest - VaporAiress with 2L Water Bladder, Hydration-Backpack – Running, Marathon, Hiking, Outdoors, Cycling

The last product on our best women’s hydration pack list is the Nathath Hydration Pack. It comes in multiple sizes and is extremely functional. Unlike others, it aims to limit space and be useful for the bare necessities. Why is this a good thing?

Well, it’s designed to tightly sit against the body because it’s designed for intense cardio activities. The tight fit, compact size, and stretchy pockets make it the best for running.

Functional Design

This hydration pack features a 2L capacity which is equipped with a fast-release system. The whole container is spill proof and water resistant and comes with two, extra bottle pockets. Ultimately, you’ll stay well hydrated with this compact hydration bag.

Tight Fit

The tight design is meant to be lightweight and comfortable. There isn’t mesh fabric, but the material allows air to smoothly flow through it, managing to keep you from sweating. Since the taller you are, the bigger size will be required, the product comes in different sizes ranging from XX-small through XL.

Unique Features

Some of the rare features included in this model are reflective hits as a safety measure, side-stretching pockets, and an external shock cord.




Safety features

Stretchable pockets

Multiple sizes


Hard to find correct sizing online

Nathan Women’s Hydration Pack/Running Vest - VaporAiress with 2L Water Bladder, Hydration-Backpack – Running, Marathon, Hiking, Outdoors, Cycling
  • FUNCTIONAL - Equipped with a 2L bladder - quick release valve system, Water-resistant pill pocket, and Two easy-access front bottle pockets (bottles not included)
  • DESIGN - Lightweight and comfortable – no bounce, breathable materials, and form fitting – equipped with Soft-touch, no chafe elastic perimeter binding
  • FIT - Vest fit is snug and overall sizing tends to run slightly on the smaller side, so it is recommended that anyone on the higher end of a given size may want to size up!
  • UNIQUE FEATURES - Reflective hits for runs in dusk/dawn, Side Stretch mesh pockets fit most smartphones, Rear external shock cord for increased capacity and trecking pole compatibility
  • SPACIOUS - Storage Capacity: 427 cu in/7 Liters without bladder; 305 cu in/5 Liters with bladder