The Next TransAmerica Footrace

One may think that ultramarathons are just the latest trendy thing among runners. That Gordy Ainsleigh invented the 100 milers or Dean Karnazes is the first popular ultramarathoner. But running beyond 26.2 miles is not something of the 21st century. As early as the 1920s the first endurance runners gathered together to compete against each … Read more

“Running the Sahara” on Showtime

Before breaking the record in running the across the US – actually, his partner Marshall Urich was who finally made it to the end -, adventurer Charlie Engle embarked in another amazing challenge: running across the Sahara desert to raise awareness of the need for clean water supplies in Africa. The three runners – Charlie … Read more

The UTMB and the Ultra-Trail Trademark

Paul Bateson, race director of the Al Andalus Ultra Trail – former RAW Spain – brought to my attention an issue he is currently having with the Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc organization. As per the emails he got from a member of the French ultra he is not authorized to use Ultra-Trail as part of the … Read more