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Gear Review – Sole Platinum Sandals Sport Flips

But what are the Sole Sport Flips? They are not your usual summer flip-flops, that’s for sure. The Sport Flips provide a custom fit as they mold to the shape of your feet, giving an unbelievable sensation of comfort. This orthopedic shape provides a continuous contact point and so great support for your foot.

And, what’s more important, that support is provided across the sole of the foot, from the toes to the heel, giving a really good arch-support and cradling the foot. This makes it extremely suitable for those who suffer high arches and I have even read somewhere Physical Therapist are recommending them for people with flat feet.

The Flips were even mentioned in I.D. Magazine’s 2009 Annual Design Review, noting they are ”perfectly comfortable, you can run in them, they don’t smell. They’re just totally rad–the best flip-flops ever.”

SOLE orthopedic shapeThe first thing I noticed when I had the flip-flops mailed in was the minimal package. No big boxes, no unnecessary wrapping. Just a simple hanger printed on 100% recycled stock. That is definitely a good first impression!

I decided to use only one of the flips for a few hours, wearing my regular flip-flops (a $20 standard ’sports’ model) on the other foot, so I could feel the difference (of the absence of it). But I didn’t need hours for that. I felt its comfortable fit right away when I tried them on. The soft flexible strap is comfortable and adapts perfectly to your stride.

This means no aches or pains after wearing them for long hours, which is not the case of most flip-flops. Since I have them, I’ve been wearing them all day long at home and never felt uncomfortable or got blisters or irritation from the strap. I didn’t even have a break-in period. I usually have problems adapting to the toe thong, but this wasn’t the case as my skin adapted perfectly well from the beginning and, just for once, I was able to skip the “band-aid transition period”.

SOLE Sport Flip sandalsThe other key feature I noticed right away if the great support of the footbed. The sole is contoured to support the foot with lots of arch support, a metatarsal support pad and a deep heel. This makes the Flip very comfortable and relaxing after a run or work-out. I took them to my backpack break for a final test, and I can tell you my feet were very grateful for that after each day of hiking.

They also have a layer of wear moldable foam on top, which slowly molds to the shape of your foot after you wear them for a couple of weeks.

They are not only sleek, fashionable and super light (something you might not tell by the look of the sandals) but they also seem to be durable, as after a coupple of months wearing them, they still have yet to show any serious signs of wear.

The bad you say? Well, they are rather expensive for a flip flop. $69.95, $55.96(20% Off), $49.93(28% Off, women’s). But again, they are not regular flip-flops, so the price tag can’t be the regular one either.

All in all, simply the most comfortable flip-flops I’ve ever had.

A few technical specs:

  • Polyurethane straps are shaped to follow the contours of women’s feet, providing a wonderfully comfortable and secure fit
  • Nylon strap linings dry quickly and help wick moisture away
  • Moldable EVA top soles conform to the contours of your feet over time, delivering a custom fit
  • Metatarsal support pads, arch supports, and deep heel cups combine to provide excellent support and alignment underfoot
  • High-density EVA midsoles absorb shock, cushion feet, and provide gentle support; structures in midsoles help maintain support once footbeds have conformed to feet
  • Outsoles have long-lasting synthetic rubber in the high-wear areas under forefeet and heels; natural rubber is used throughout the rest of the outsoles
  • Proudly carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association