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“Running the Sahara” on Showtime

Before breaking the record in running the across the US – actually, his partner Marshall Urich was who finally made it to the end -, adventurer Charlie Engle embarked in another amazing challenge: running across the Sahara desert to raise awareness of the need for clean water supplies in Africa.

The three runners – Charlie Engle, 42, of Greensboro, N.C.; Ray Zahab, 37, from Canada; and Kevin Lin, 30, from Taiwan – ran for 111 days straight covering over 4,000 miles and the feat was turned into a documentary produced (and narrated) by Matt Damon.

The two hours show will be aired today – debuting, if I’m not wrong – at 9 tonight on Showtime. The show is a behind-the-scenes look at the three runners and how they deal with the mental strain of running for so long. TRS already posted a preview some months ago.